A Cracked Exhaust Manifold Is No Match for Buellton Garage

We are serious. We here at Buellton Garage can replace your exhaust manifold or the gasket if either is leaking. Generally, you will end up with a leak in the manifold or the gasket if your car, truck, or utility vehicle’s engine has been running too hot. Below, we will list the signs that you have a cracked gasket or manifold. It’s important to replace either exhaust system part as soon as possible.

Engine Sputters

If your engine has started to sputter while you are driving your automobile, it could be filling up with the gases that form your vehicle’s exhaust. Unfortunately, these gases can take up necessary space in the combustion chamber and inhibit the engine’s ability to produce combustion.

Poor Fuel Mileage

The inability to produce combustion will not only because the engine to sputter and lag but also make it use up more fuel. As such, your engine will suffer from poor gas mileage until you have the exhaust manifold or leaking gasket replaced.

Popping or Tapping

Most of the time, the exhaust gases are not silent as they leak out of the crack in the manifold or gasket. Usually, they make popping sounds that also sound as if your engine is tapping. If you hear these noises, had to our shop right away so we can replace the leaking exhaust system part.

Burning Smells

You might also detect burning smells coming from the engine. Your vehicle’s exhaust is a product of the engine’s combustion. The combustion is extremely hot, so the exhaust is extremely hot. As such, it will heat up all of the parts in your engine until they release burning odors.

Exhaust Smells

You may need to call for a tow truck to bring your automobile to our shop if the exhaust gases are filling your passenger cabin. You cannot drive your automobile with exhaust inside of it. Doing so can make you seriously ill. In fact, vehicle exhaust is so poisonous that it can be fatal.

Check Engine Warning

Finally, the problems that we have discussed above generally create errors throughout the engine that are reported by the system sensors. This will cause your automobile’s main computer chip to turn on the check engine light because it cannot fix the errors.

Call Buellton Garage in Buellton, CA, today if you believe you have an exhaust system leak. We will inspect the manifold, gasket, and the rest of the exhaust system and repair the problem.

Photo by Skinfaxi from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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