A/C & Heater Repair

Auto Ac / Heat RepairIt always happens at the worst time, doesn’t it? It’s a sweltering morning in Buellton, CA, you open your car door, climb in, turn the key, and the A/C won’t click on. You fiddle with the dials and temperature gauges, but the cold air just won’t blow. A broken A/C isn’t a car repair most wouldn’t consider putting off, especially in the Santa Ynez Valley. If you’ve run into this problem, you can trust the expert A/C & heater technicians at Buellton Garage Automotive Repair.

A/C & Heater Repair in Santa Ynez Valley, CA

Every vehicle A/C unit has three main parts – a compressor, a condenser, and an evaporator. The compressor, attached to your vehicle’s engine, pressurizes and heats refrigerant gas before sending it to the condenser. The condenser removes heat from the refrigerant and cools it to a high-pressure liquid. As it cools, the evaporator, along with a fan blowing on the compressor, helps heat or cool the interior of your vehicle. Your A/C will usually need repair if there are leaks or issues with the compressor, but troubles with the fan, a clogged filter, or even just the need for a simple recharge of coolant can lead to the need for A/C & heater repair. If your car’s comfort system isn’t working as it should, don’t sweat it; just bring it into Buellton Garage Automotive Repair.

A/C & Heater Service in Santa Ynez Valley, CA

So when is it time to bring your car in for A/C & heater service? You don’t have to wait for it to conk out completely; most A/C & heater problems start slowly. Usually, long before your A/C & heater fails completely, the cold or hot air coming from your vents won’t be as cold or hot as it once was. This small change in temperatures is a sure-fire signal that you either already need A/C & heater service, or you will very soon. Don’t ignore this problem and wait for your vehicle’s comfort system to fail. If you’ve noticed your A/C & heater don’t quite do the job like they once did, bring it into Buellton Garage Automotive Repair.

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If your A/C isn’t working correctly or at all, it isn’t something you can or should ignore. The ASE-Certified professionals at Buellton Garage Automotive Repair know A/C & heater repair and service better than anyone and can get you fixed up and back on the road in no time. Don’t drive around uncomfortable; bring your vehicle into Buellton Garage Automotive Repair for quality A/C & heater repair.