What Our Clients Say

Carolyn W.

“My favorite place to take my car. They always have time to squeeze me in. I love the peace of mind they give me. Always let me know what needs fixing  and do their best to keep costs down, which I appreciate greatly. Wonderfully clean and friendly feeling place.”

Joe R.

Epitome of an owner-operated business who cares about getting the job done right, but also how the customer feels. From the moment i drove into the lot i was greeted with a warm welcome from Rob and Jessica (owner).

Kathy M.

“My daughter’s car broke down while on her way from San Diego to Cal Poly. The Buellton CHP office recommended the Buellton Garage.  We limped her car there after hours and got her back to school.

Kristy S.

Sent the shop a message through Yelp and they got back to me right away to schedule an oil change.  Really nice people and the waiting area was super clean.  Very happy we found them!

Amy L

I’ve only been in Buellton for a handful of months now, but we’ve been taking our cars to Buellton Garage exclusively since then. They are super friendly and efficient and reasonably priced. We haven’t gotten any major service yet, but when we need it, this is definitely where we’ll go

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